Player Profile: Taylor Nyman

Sophomore forward Taylor Nyman joined the Women's Ice Hockey Club this semester after transferring to University Park from Penn State Altoona. She made an outstanding debut in PSU's 9-1 thrashing of Navy on January 13th by scoring once and adding two assists, and she also impressed with her sense of style through her orange laces and mouthguard. Meet the team's new artist-in-residence, a 2011 Souderton Area High School graduate and the product of a Penn State family.

How did you get into hockey?

I got into hockey back in first grade. My older brother started playing roller hockey and I wanted to be like him so I started playing.

Tell us a little about your playing background - previous teams, etc.

I played roller hockey for about 7 years and then switched to ice hockey in eighth grade. I started out with the Warwick Lady Patriots and was with them for about two years. Then I joined the Hatfield Angels and played with them through high school. I'm not a strong goal scorer, I'd rather be the set-up man.

What is your most memorable hockey moment?

I scored my one and only hat-trick in one of my last games with the Angels. The first two goals were very similar. I was at the left back post and got two sweet passes that I one-timed. The third goal was a breakaway with about 17 seconds left.

Why did you choose to attend Penn State?

Both of my parents graduated from Penn State so I've always been a huge fan. I love the atmosphere here and the support everyone involved in the school has for Penn State is just incredible. I also chose Penn State because of the opportunities that are available to students here and the academic programs are all great.

Any nicknames?

Yeah I have a couple. T-nyms, Tails, sometimes Tay Tay. I had the nickname "4" the last year or so with the Angels because I found a No. 4 sticker that was orange (my favorite color, obviously) and I stuck it on my helmet.

What about crazy superstitions?

I don't really have any crazy superstitions, but I do need to have at least one hair-tie on my right wrist. Is that weird?

You're an art major - what's your favorite medium?

I love ceramics. I took four years of ceramics in high school and it was just the best class. I don't really like pottery, like cups and teapots. I like to do more sculptural pieces. I also like to draw but I don't like to paint.

Any artistic influences?

My mom was an art major here so she's the one who really got me into art, but other than that I really love ancient Greek sculptures of the human body. They just fascinate me.

[Note: For more on Taylor's art, go to taylornyman.com.]

Taylor's favorite...

Musician: Kerry Muzzey, he's a composer
Sports Team: Philadelphia Flyers
Athlete: Simon Gagne and Oscar Pistorius
Movie: Perks of Being a Wallflower
TV Show: Once Upon a Time
Hobbies: Drawing, listening to music, eating