Player Profile: Devon Fisk

Devon Fisk has set the ACHA ablaze in her freshman year. Her 12 goals in nine games rank in the top ten nationally and her 16 points are good for the team lead in scoring. Devon's goals aren't throwaways either - she's scored in each of PSU's four one-goal games this season, including the only score by either team in a 1-0 win at Michigan State on October 13th. Here's a little more on one of the WIHC's exciting young talents.

How did you get into hockey?

My two older brothers played so when I was born I really didn't have a choice. For the first two years, I actually hated hockey. I remember my mom would have to get me dressed at home, even the skates, and carry me into the rink because I would always cry in the locker room. True story. After that little phase though I realized that I really did love playing.

Tell us a little about your playing background - previous teams, etc.

The first team I ever played for was Quakers when I was around six and started off with the boys. When I was around 14 I switched to the Quakers girl team and after that I always played with the same group of girls until we all graduated together. Then my senior year I also played on [the Rustin High School] varsity boys team.

What is your most memorable hockey moment?

So many great memories with hockey but I'd have to say when my high school team won the Flyers Cup [the eastern Pennsylvania high school championship] last year and went to states.

Do you sometimes score goals by accident, like when you're eating or doing laundry or something?

Haha yeah it's crazy when I'm just doing my laundry and goal goes in like you don't see that everyday.

Why did you choose to attend Penn State?

I loved the campus, and I wanted to go to a school with a wide selection of majors.

What's your crazy superstition?

If I don't stick handle before a game there's no hope in me playing well.

Any funny road trip stories from this season?

Mary Kate [Tonetti], Georgia [Foulds] and I decided to go pumpkin picking before one of our games, well worth the stop.

Do you have a role model, either in or out of hockey? If so, who and why?

Always have been my parents because they've always supported my choices with hockey and school.

What is your major, and what are your career goals after graduation?

My major is biobehavioral health and when I graduate I either want to go to physician's assistant or med school. Leaning towards PA school though because I'm not sure how much longer I want to be in school after graduation.

Devon's favorite...

Musician: Taylor Swift and Coldplay
Sports Team: Philadelphia Flyers