WIHC to Debut New Jerseys in Series Against Delaware This Weekend

Photo Gallery: Captains Model New Jerseys

The Women's Ice Hockey Club's games against Delaware this weekend come at the end of the fall semester, but they also represent a beginning - for new uniforms, which the team received this week.

As is to be expected with any Penn State squad, the jerseys are the familiar blue and white colors, with both featuring a variation of a crest that has become something of a staple for PSU's ACHA teams, arched "PENN STATE" lettering over the school athletics logo.

That lettering is blue on the home whites, with the PSU's well-known single blue stripe running across the bottom, as well as on the socks. A contemporary blue shoulder yoke contains four-inch white sleeve numbers in a traditional block style to complement the ten-inch blue digits on the back.

On the blue uniforms the colors are reversed, with white lettering, striping and rear numerals, as well as a white yoke framing blue sleeve numbers.

Among the most significant departures from the previous set, introduced to the Lady Icers ACHA Division 1 program in 2008 and used by the WIHC from its 2012 debut, is the elimination of grey to keep in line with a trend including most university athletic teams. Additionally, names have been added to the backs of the jerseys, a first for ACHA women's hockey at Penn State.

The new-look squad will display their sartorial splendor on Saturday at 3:30 p.m. in the Pegula Ice Arena's varsity rink against the Blue Hens. PSU and UD will also meet on Sunday at 11:30 a.m. in Altoona's Galactic Ice Rink.

Here is a full look at both the white and blue tops: