Lady Ice Lions Become Icy Assassins For Team-Building Competition

For the next couple weeks, Penn State and State College will be overrun with 17 assassins.

No need for alarm though - they'll only be armed with squirt guns and water balloons, and participating in the Lady Ice Lions' team-building game of Assassin.

The game itself is brilliant in its simplicity. Each player in the game is assigned another as a target (targets are known only to the person who needs the information), and will then attempt to locate and "kill" that target using their dihydrogen monoxide-based weapon of choice. Following a successful kill, the victorious player acquires the target of their now-eliminated opponent. Things proceed until there are two players left and one kills the other to capture the competition.

The chaos officially gets underway on Friday at 7:00 a.m.

There are additional rules, of course, to ensure the safety of participants and bystanders. Kills are not allowed inside any university or public building (including the target's place of work), nor are they permitted inside moving cars.

Handicapping a contest such as this is nearly impossible without context. Nina Elia has managed a kill shot on the ice in double overtime, but will that translate to dryland? Will Emma Embar's ROTC training help somehow? Goalies are known for their ability to see all corners of the ice in front of them, so will Mary Kate Tonetti, Aimee Little and Allyssa Long have a heightened awareness of their surroundings? What about Elizabeth Denis' combination of genius and veteran savvy?

We'd like to hear your thoughts on the matter - vote for your pick to win in our poll at the top of this page.

Stay tuned to the team's Twitter and Instagram accounts for updates as the game gets underway!

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