"Last-Day MK" Registers Game-High Four Kills to Win Lady Ice Lions Assassin

Mary Kate Tonetti (right) killed Elizabeth Denis in Assassin's final showdown

Mary Kate Tonetti only registered kills on the first day and the last day of the Lady Ice Lions' two-week-long game of Assassin, but that was all she needed to come out on top of 16 other players in inaugural version of the team-building contest.

After Tonetti made waves by taking out Hannah Dier and Tarika Embar on April 10th, things ramped up the following day with party attendees Cassie Dunne, Jackie Saideh and Nina Elia falling at the hands of Saideh, Claire Gauthier and Lucy Yeatman, respectively.

On the first Monday of the game, Elizabeth Denis sniped heavy favorite Devon Fisk outside of class to blow the things wide open. Gauthier followed by matching Tonetti with a second kill, of Kelly Watson, and Allyssa Long eliminated fellow goalie Aimee Little. Another significant event came on April 17th, when Emma Embar, Riley O'Connor, Darian Dempsey and Anna Marcus (one of the few survivors of the Bloody Daylong) were eliminated by rule after failing to register a kill in the first week.

That pared the field to five: Tonetti, Gauthier, Denis, Yeatman and Long. And as the cream rose to the top, strategy seemed to win out, as things were mostly quiet for the next four days.

Finally, Long broke the stalemate by getting Yeatman on April 21st to set up an interesting situation, as Tonetti, Denis and Gauthier suddenly fell under the pressure of the weekly kill rule that would have handed Long the win at 7:00 a.m. on April 24th. However, less than 24 hours before that was set to occur, things ramped back up, ultimately ending the game in short order.

Denis tagged Long last Thursday morning, while Tonetti finally got back on the board around 5:30 that evening by bumping out Gauthier. The subsequent final showdown between the last two players was a bit anticlimactic though, as the outgoing senior club president needed less than an hour after besting Gauthier to push a similar fate on to the geosciences scholar.

Tonetti took the time to answer a few questions about the game and her winning strategy.

Who was the hardest to kill of your four conquests? I would've thought Z (Denis) because she's always doing schoolwork, but you got her pretty quickly after Claire.

Claire was probably my most challenging kill because she was so difficult to find. As a senior, I don’t spend any of my free time near the freshman dorms or dining commons, so that was a major inconvenience. In the end, I had to hang out in her dorm lobby for almost an hour to find her. Thankfully, as a philosophy minor I had plenty of reading to pass the time.

One school of thought said that a lot would come down to friend groups, and that sort of played out especially on the second day when a bunch of players at the same daylong killed each other. So how big was it for you that Taylor (Nyman) didn't play, or would you have gotten her eventually anyway?

Taylor actually accompanied me for my first two kills - Tarika and Hannah. I knew the pathway that T usually walked in between classes, so Taylor came with me to sneak attack her from behind. Taylor then accompanied me to my next class to kill Hannah. Throughout the game she was the perfect sidekick and I am glad we never had to compete against one another. After all, it would’ve been very stressful to fear my own roommate shooting me with water in my sleep.

Other than the four you took out yourself, what was the biggest moment that helped you win? The Bloody Daylong? Z taking out Fisk, who everyone thought would win going in? The cutoff getting four players after the first week? Something else?

Any player that had me as a target was obviously a threat to my success, so I can’t help but thank all of the people who took them out. Lucy in particular scared me the most since she was able to track me down in my own apartment.

Did you have a specific strategy coming in? You came out firing on the first day and were the only player with two kills for quite a while. But then you were quiet after that, and actually came within hours of being cut on the time limit before finishing strong. Was any of that deliberate? As the game went on, did you have eliminated or non-participating players spying on people for you?

I was extremely lucky with my first two kills. It just so happened that I knew exactly where and when to find both T and Hannah on that first Friday. As for strategy, I didn’t have a specific plan, but did ask a few teammates to help me find some of my targets. For example, if Ashton (Schaffer) didn’t tip me off on Z’s whereabouts, I’m not sure I would have ever been able to find her.

Talk a little bit about your choice of weapon, the water bottle. Portable, not as obvious as a gun, good range, is there anything I'm missing?

Believe it or not, I went into the game with two water guns as my weapons. Unfortunately, after a few days of carrying them around in my backpack, almost all of my notebooks and folders were soaked with water from the guns leaking. As a result, I decided to put the guns aside and use my water bottle for the last two kills.

Where does this rank in terms of your career achievements?

Although I’m proud of my ability to water down my teammates, I would not have made it very far in the game without their help - as odd as that may sound. Assassin is an excellent team-building game and I had a lot of fun participating and working with my teammates to kill my targets.

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