Meet the WIHC: Jordan Chiavacci


Year: Senior

Major: Biobehavioral health, after previously trying out forensic science and kinesiology

Hometown: Wyoming, PA

Position: Center

Shoots: Right

Size: 5-foot-4, 135 pounds

Previous Team: It's complicated


The team's rivalry with Rhode Island: "I feel that the team hates URI because they have beaten us throughout the season. But being involved on many different teams in a variety of different sports, I started to realize over time that you tend to have a more competitive edge and a stronger rivalry with teams who are heavier on the skill side, and you know you always have to go the extra mile to come out with a win. And I feel URI was that for us last year."

How she decided to start playing hockey: "The moment where everything finally clicked for me was after attending my first hockey game, when I was in fourth or fifth grade. Being able to see Marc-Andre Fleury, Colby Armstrong and many other players (with her hometown Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins) really helped my love for the sport grow so much. I finally got involved with hockey in middle school, my grandparents were the ones who got me into a learn to play class and took me every week. Ever since, I have been on the ice having my love for the sport grow more and more."

Her favorite NHL player, the New Jersey Devils' Beau Bennett: "Beau also has a rather unconventional background as well, playing mostly inline up until he was 15 years old, about the same time that I started. That is something that drives me to play the way I play. A lot of people tell me 'oh you started playing so late, you'll never make it as a high level hockey player.' If that doesn't light a fire under someone, I don't know what does. Beau is a perfect example of a player who started late and has accomplished so much in a hockey career, you can't do anything but respect him. Which is why he is my favorite player, and why I wear the number 19 (Bennett's former number while playing for the Pittsburgh Penguins)."

Playing a wide variety of sports in addition to hockey: "I was Wyoming Valley Conference MVP for my senior year of high school in soccer and played volleyball in high school and at Penn State Wilkes-Barre, but actually, what most people don't know was that I was also a ballerina for 13 years. I mostly danced at competitive levels in several competitions throughout the state, and some in other states as well. A lot of my discipline comes from dancing. It also developed a lot of strength in my leg muscles, and I owe most of my athletic success to dancing. I was also involved in karate and Brazilian jiu-jitsu for some time. From dancing and martial arts, I have always looked at sports somewhat like a science or art form. Everything you do, every movement you make, is all so precise and is done for a specific reason, and when it is all put together it makes a complete picture, and that just makes you feel so good about the work and training you have put in to get there."

Frequent changes in her position and linemates: "Whether it be the position I play or the people I play with, I use the changes between center and wing to my benefit, to help me be a more all-around player. It gives you a better perspective and helps things flow more fluently, especially when you get caught up in an area and have to take over another player's position. While I've had several linemates this season, Madison Dwyer and I get along rather well with each other on and off the ice, so there's always good chemistry there."

Her status as the team's most-tattooed player: "I put more ink on my body then I do on a scoresheet, I guess you can say. I currently have 12 tattoos total, and planning to get more. My first one was a 16th birthday present, it's an anchor on my left foot."

Her favorite thing about attending Penn State: "My favorite thing about attending Penn State is definitely this team. I would say being a part of this team and making all the friends I have made here through the program has been something that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I know that sounds sappy, and I'm not a sappy person, but I'll be honest, if it wasn't for playing on this team I probably would have continued (with school) locally."

What makes the Women's Ice Hockey Club unique: "Something that makes our team unique is that we all come from different hockey backgrounds. Some girls played on high-level travel teams, others started later and are newer to the sport. But the best part is that once we step on the ice, our backgrounds don't matter anymore and we all drive one another to reach a common goal, to win. Another thing that makes us unique is that we may not drawn as much of a crowd as our NCAA teams, but the parents who come out to our games, make trips to our away games, and feed us both at home and on the road really make this not only feel like a program but like a huge family. I can't thank the parents enough for everything they do to help us make this happen. So thanks moms and dads!"

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