Meet the WIHC: Liz Tuorinsky


Year: Sophomore

Major: Animal science with a business management option, also working toward a Smeal College Business Fundamentals Certificate and a minor in arboriculture

Hometown: Mt. Arlington, NJ

Position: Defense

Shoots: Right

Size: 5-foot-7, 175 pounds

Previous Team: New Jersey Rockets U19


Her major: "Being an animal science major you can pretty much do whatever you want in the animal industry. You can be a veterinarian, a nutritionist, AI (artificial insemination) specialist, a researcher, a reproduction specialist, animal pharmaceuticals, et cetera. Mainly I have lectures, but I am currently in AN SC 208 (Animal Production Technology Lab). This is one of my favorite courses I have taken so far at Penn State because you learn all of the different aspects of the animal production industry. We have watched different slaughters and learned how to butcher the animals and make them into cuts of meat that people purchase. We have learned about the egg industry, and in the next few weeks we are going to be working with milk production and the dairy industry. While participating in all of these activities, you also learn the science behind them."

The team's state of mind right now: "I feel like at this point every returning player is tired of losing and the rookies are starting to feel that way too. We all have the same goal of wanting to win, getting a league championship, and making it to nationals. If we continue to put in hard work on and off the ice and give our best effort at practice then that will start to show in games. We have finally started playing our game in the second and third period, but we need to start coming out from the get go playing our game. If we come out and do that we will be in a very good position and our season will definitely take a turn for the better."

Her physical style of play: "Growing up playing with boys may have had a little bit of a factor to my heavy physical play. However, I do believe that I would still be a physical player if I just had played girls hockey from the beginning. I grew up watching my brother, who was a very gifted athlete, play but was also a very physical player. He taught me how to handle myself in any situation that I was put in on the ice. Also, I am a very solid person and one of my friends on my high school team once described me as a tank. Once I get going there is really no stopping me and I kind of plow through people. By watching and playing in many hockey games, I have learned that hockey is meant to be physical, but I have had to learn to pull back a lot to avoid excess penalties."

Her shot, one of the hardest in the ACHA: "I have had my slap shot for as long as I can remember. It has been really heavy for majority of my career. I still practice it whenever I can to practice my height accuracy with it. Lately, it has been going really high, but I have been working on the basics with as much repetition as I can get during practices. I pretty much learned my shots backwards. The hardest shot for me to learn was my wrist shot. It was actually the last shot I was ever able to do. I had to do the stereotypical shoot hundreds of pucks to finally get it down and then even more shots to get it to be accurate."

Crocs, her preferred road trip footwear: "Crocs are so underrated! They are the most comfortable shoes. Meg is a very smart girl. [Note: After Liz carried the flag for Crocs on the team solo as a freshman, goaltender Meg Lydick has joined her this season.] People just need to give Crocs a chance. My last season playing for the Rockets, Kelly Dolan (now of ECWHL rival Massachusetts) and I wore Crocs all the time. They are very versatile; you can wear them as shower shoes, just normal shoes, or even a few times dryland was performed in them. By the end of that season, many of our teammates actually purchased Crocs and started wearing them. Then, last season Jordan [Chiavacci] wore my Crocs a few times and agreed about their comfort and wants to get a pair as well. I think if people look past their appearance they’d definitely hop onto the Croc train."

Whether she has a preferred defense partner: "I have never really been concerned with who my partner is going to be. I just worry about being the best player I can be for my team. If I am paired with a more offensive player, I just make sure that I cover them. If my D partner wants to be the right D then I'll be the left D. I am pretty flexible. I would say that the most important thing about playing with any of the D on our team is to learn their style of play and just play your position and read the situation."

Her top three war movies: "Saving Private Ryan: The action in the movie is very attention grabbing. However, I love the loyalty that is portrayed in the movie. Even though many men's lives were lost while trying to locate and save Private Ryan, once he is located he refuses to leave his men behind. He convinces the men that were sent on the mission to rescue him to stay behind and help his platoon defeat the enemies. The loyalty between them all is highly admirable. American Sniper: As with all of the war movies out there, the action that is incorporated into the movie definitely grabs your attention. However, I really enjoy how it follows the life of Chris Kyle and it shows how the war affects not only him but also his family. I am also amazed by the pinpoint accuracy that he had with his shot. War Horse: I love how it brings you through war from an animal's perspective. It shows you the care that these war animals receive and the bonds that they make with each other. I never really thought about how the warhorses changed sides during the war. It’s definitely a tearjerker, but it is such a good movie."

Her favorite thing about attending Penn State: "My favorite thing about going to Penn State is the family that I have made here. I couldn't imagine going to another university and never having the chance to meet the people that I have here. The friendships that I have made by joining extracurricular activities have allowed me to extend that family. Meeting [former defenseman] Tara [Soukup] and becoming friends with her at the first few days of practice last season allowed me to then go on and meet lifelong friends and family here. I know that the family I have made here is my favorite part because we have such a great time that I don't want to leave over breaks."

What makes the Women's Ice Hockey Club unique: "The thing that makes our team unique compared to others that I have been on would be the different hockey backgrounds we come from. I have always been on teams where players pretty much were the same skill set and have been playing hockey a long time. Our team has some girls who have been playing a long time, some who started in high school, and others who started just a few years ago. No matter the background that we come from, we all push each other to be the best players possible."

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